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Écrit par Thierry Barbé.

Ron Carter
"It seems as if I've been a member of the ISB since the the first blues line was played! It was a great choice of notes, as good a choice as joining this Society. I've met some fantastic people along the way, played on some fantastic instruments, new and old, and heard some fantastic performances. When you join, you'll be sharing these things with me." - Ron Carter

Ron Carter, jazz legend and recipient of the ISB's 20009 Distinguished Achievement Award in recognition of his unparalleled career, supports our forum for bassists around the world to learn from each other with his own membership. That's why it's so important that the ISB continues not just to survive, but thrive. Acclaimed Philadelphia Orchestra principal bass and soloist Hal Robinson has also been an integral part of the ISB throughout his stellar career:
Hal Robinson"In all my years in the orchestra business (35 so far), it has become obvious to me that the bass section is the coolest section in the orchestra. Bass players get along. We play well with others. We also show up when it's time to serve on committees and mix with audiences. I am so very proud to be a member of this Bass Fraternity. One of the best ways for you to join in this fraternity is to become a member of the ISB. When you think of all the players and teachers we respect and want to emulate, nearly all of them are members of the ISB. Please join or renew today and hang with the cool players. Through the inspirational conventions and the magazine and website, we'll all share in the fun!" - Hal Robinson

Membership is the life blood of any organization. As a current member of the ISB, we are grateful to you for your continuing support - and we need your help! We challenge you to sign up a fellow bassist during our February membership drive. Members receive Bass World magazine and monthly e-newsletters, and are among the first to hear of double bass events and competitions. Ask a friend, colleague or student to go to and join online or download a membership application and mail it in.

Please forward this email to all the bassists you know - and tell them Ron Carter and Hal Robinson sent you!