Marc Buronfosse

Écrit par Thierry Barbé. Posted in Classique

MBuronweb.jpgMarc Buronfosse, acoustic bass  Born in 1963 in Soissons (France).

After classical guitar studies at the age of ten, he studied the upright bass in 1982 with Thierry Barbé while achieving studies in sound engineering and musicology.
After receiving a prize at the Conservatoire de Paris XII, he began playing more and more jazz, working with bass players such as Cesarius Alvim, Charlie Haden, Reggie Workman and Henri Texier. He has also worked with symphonic orchestras (Opéra de Paris) and chamber music orchestras (tour in Japan with the “Solistes de Versailles”).
In June 1991, he obtained a grant from the French Ministry of Culture and studied one year in New York at The New School of Music. During this time he worked regularly with Gary Peacock, Marc Johnson and Mark Dresser. He also met and played with Jimmy Cobb, Steve Kühn, John Abercrombie, Lew Soloff, Jim Hall, Tim Berne, Dave Liebman, and Billy Harper…
In Paris, he plays with Stéphane Guillaume Quartet, René Aubry Septet, Michel Elmalem Quartet, Gueorgui Kornazov “Horizons” Quintet…and presently has his own quartet with musicians Benjamin Moussay, Jean Charles Richard and Antoine Banville.

He also teaches jazz at the Conservatoire National de Région of Paris.

 Recordings :

-Bojan Z Quartet Label Bleu 1994

-Sylvain Kassap Quartet «Quixote»  Evidence 1994

-Pascal Bréchet Quintet «Autour de Monk» Accord Accort 1996

-Bojan Z Quartet  «Yopla» Label Bleu 1996

-Josetxo Goia Aribe  «Aunamendi» Label TX 1996

-Marc Buronfosse Quartet «Reflections» Essonne en Jazz 1996

-Les Tambours de Brazza «Congo Drums» PlayaSound Africa 1996

-Fawzy Al Aiedy «Dounya»  Adès 1998

-Fawzy Al Aiedy «Le Paris Bagdad» Buda Music 1999

-Paris Jazz Consort «Escape» Emotions Jazz 2000

-Josetxo Goia Aribe  «Herrimina» Nuba Records  2000

-René Aubry  «Invités sur la Terre»  Hopi Mesa 2001

-Darko Rundek «Ruke»  Label Menart 2002

-Nico Morelli Trio «Nico Morelli» Cristal Records 2003

-Josetxo Goia Aribe et Maddi Oihenart «Ilhargi-Min» Metak 2003

-Curl  «Inner» La Chaise Bleue 2003

-Stéphane Guillaume «Soul Role» Label O+  Music 2004

-Yorgos Delphis «Greece Peace» Greece, Peace and Music 2004

-Bertrand Renaudin «United Flowers» Quartet, LaBorie 2006

-Catherine Antoine «Illusion» Cristal Records 2006

-Stéphane Guillaume 4tet «Intra Muros» Label O+ Music 2006

-René Aubry «Playtime» Hopi Mesa 2008

-Catherine Antoine «Nature» Label O+ Music 2008

-Gueorgui Kornazov «Horizons» Quintet Label BMC 2008

-Michel Elmalem Quartet  Fresh Sounds Records 2008